Of course we carry a complete line of food and supplies for your feline friend! From collars, flea products, dishes, cat boxes, food and toys: anything kitty needs, you will find at Incredible Pets.
Check out all of our hot weather items for your cat’s health and comfort. Our automatic waterers are great for long, hot days when lots of water is a must for your pet’s health.

Taking your furball on an airliner? We have airline approved carriers in all sizes, including carry-ons. Be sure to check with your airline about regulations regarding animals on board.

Summer can be a time when your cat suffers with flea and skin problems. Ask our staff about some of the great products available for flea control including shampoos, sprays, powders and long term control such as Advantage and Frontline.

If your cat is scratching or nibbling and you don’t see fleas, nutritional deficiencies may cause the problem. We have a terrific selection of foods for all needs, including lower fat, wheat free, and special recipes for food sensitivity such as Natural Balance Duck and Potato Diet or Nutro Lamb and Rice.

Cat Care Tips

All animals, wild and domestic, are naturally attracted to sweets. While the taste of antifreeze is sweet, it is also poisonous. Clean spills up quickly. Or, even better, purchase antifreeze that is “pet safe.” Even a very small amount of antifreeze can be fatal. Precautions are necessary with all antifreeze products on the market. Read labels and warning carefully. Thoroughly clean up spills at once. Keep containers closed tightly and store them where pets cannot get to them.Snow Removal salt is caustic to animal paws. It can burn the paws as well as make the animal sick when they lick their paws. Shovel regularly and use a less hazardous substance such as kitty litter. Other substances produced to melt ice and snow have low to moderate toxicity, depending on the ingredients and amount ingested. Read the labels and take necessary precautions. Keep these products stored in tight containers out of your pet’s and children’s reach and be sure to remove salt from your pet’s paws immediately. A jacket with reflective tape for you, along with a flashlight will keep both of you safe.


Napping Cats: Cats sometimes climb onto vehicle engines for warmth. Before starting your vehicle, knock on the hood and honk the horn. Even if your own cat does not have access to your vehicle, a neighbor’s cat might have taken shelter there.


Cats will also seek warmth from the window sills where heat is seeping out. This often causes the cat to freeze to the sill. Again, make sure your cat is safe inside and advice those in your area to do the same.


Be sure to provide proper shelter for your pets. If yours in an indoor pet, his bed or crate should be kept in a warm, draft-free area, preferably elevated slightly off the floor. If your pet is kept outdoors, provide a warm insulated pet house or shelter. The house should be elevated enough so that moisture cannot accumulate inside. If possible, provide a “door” (perhaps of canvas) to keep out the winter winds. If your pet is in a pen, you might block the wind and weather with bales of straw and stretch canvas over the top of the pen. If the wind chill or other weather conditions become severe, bring your pet inside.


Animals going outside, even for short periods in bad weather, should have an increase of fat in their diet. This will help maintain body heat. Staying warm requires extra calories, so feed your pet accordingly when the temperature drops. Always have fresh, clean water available for your pet. If your pet is kept outdoors, be sure to check his water frequently since it may freeze.


While traveling with your companion animal, be certain to have an identification tag with information on where you can be reached quickly.

What can you do about your cat’s destructive scratching?

Cats use their claws to climb and scratch, to defend themselves, and to hunt. Displaying their claws and scratching objects are also considered by many to be a social behavior of our feline friends. Outdoor cats scratch trees to mark their territory and to help remove frayed or worn out layers on their claws. Unfortunately, this can pose a problem when indoor cats choose their owners’ furniture or curtains as tree substitutes.

Scratching bark and other rough surfaces is a natural behavior in cats. When we bring them indoors and they turn to our furniture and curtains to maintain their claws, we need to control the behavior to have a happy home for us and our feline friends.

With consistent training and permissable items to scratch, you can avoid or reduce destructive scratching.Training your cat to scratch only certain objects, such as scratching posts, can often be accomplished. At Incredible Pets, we stock a variety of cat furniture, cardboard cat scratchers, toys and other items that will give kitty an outlet for scratching, while preserving your furniture and drapes.


We also carry nail trimmers. Regular nail trimming can often diminish the destruction caused by scratching. This is relatively simple, but must be done regularly. Consult with your veterinarian or ask us about it.


We also carry nail coverings that attach to the claws and provide a blunt nail tip so that scratching does not cause damage. There is also a great product that adheres to most furniture fabrics (not for leather) to provide a safe scratching surface.


As you can see, there are many options for reducing or eliminating destructive scratching. We’ll be happy to help.



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