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Dry cat food has been the industry standard choice for cat owners for a long time. Dry cat food is an economical, convenient way to feed your cat, and there are many options to make sure your cat is getting the nutrition he or she needs.

Grain Free

Grain-free cat foods are formulated to be more like your cat’s ancestral diet, which is a meat-based diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

The carbohydrates in grain-free cat foods come from low glycemic sources like potatoes, peas, lentils, and chickpeas which are easier for cats to digest than grain-based carbohydrates and help prevent diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Many cats’ allergies are caused by grains, so a grain-free diet may reduce or eliminate their allergy symptoms.

Natural, Holistic, and Organic

Natural and holistic are terms that many premium food brands use, but unfortunately there is no official definition for what makes a food holistic or natural. Natural foods generally refer to foods without chemical alteration including artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.  Holistic foods are designed to treat the nutritional needs of the whole animal, not just certain aspects of nutrition while leaving out others.

Organic pet foods are gaining popularity in the pet food industry. A cat food labeled as organic must contain a certain percentage of organic ingredients to be labeled as “Organic” or “Made with Organic Ingredients.”

We encourage you to read the ingredients on any food labeled as NaturalHolistic, or Organic  to make sure the food meets your pets’ needs.

Limited Ingredient

A limited ingredient diet is ideal for cats with allergies or digestive sensitivities. These foods generally have only one meat source that is highly digestible and a grain-free, complex carbohydrate source.

Most Limited Ingredients foods will contain no chicken, eggs, beef, wheat, corn, or soy, as those are the most commonly known ingredients to cause allergies in pets.

If your cat does suffer from allergies, having only limited ingredients helps to pin down what ingredients might be causing them.

Wet food is ideal for cats and is most commonly found in cans and tubs. Cats have a naturally low thirst drive, which means they don’t have the instinct to drink as much water as they need. Adding wet food to your cat’s diet will help keep them hydrated and will satisfy their natural urge to get moisture from food.


Cans offer an easy and convenient way to give your cat the moist diet they need. These foods allow you to offer a variety of protein sources and can be used as kibble toppers or as your cat’s entire diet. Cans come in a variety of textures, you are sure to find something your cat will love!

Tubs and Pouches

Tubs and pouches make excellent kibble toppers but can also be fed as your cat’s whole diet. These foods tend to have large chunks of meat and vegetables in delectable broths and gravies.

Moist Kibble

Combine the convenience of kibble with the health benefits of wet food! This is a new category in cat food and we love it. These kibbles are soft and highly palatable with a higher moisture content that traditional kibble to help prevent dehydration.

Raw diets have become very popular and are the fastest growing type of cat food. There are a lot of benefits to raw diets, and the links below will help guide you in finding out if raw or dehydrated foods are right for you.

Freeze Dried

Freeze-dried foods are raw foods that are processed using pressure rather than heat to remove the moisture and kill bacteria and pathogens. Each brand has a slightly different process, but the result is a dried food that contains all of the nutritional content and natural enzymes of the raw ingredients.

Dehydrated food are processed by gently removing the moisture at a low heat. These foods are considered by some to be cooked, but there is much debate on whether dehydrations actually cooks the food.  These foods are minimally processed and retain most of the natural nutrition and enzymes of the raw ingredients.

To serve Freeze Dried or Dehydrated foods, simply add water and serve.  A great alternative to frozen raw which is messier and more time consuming.


Frozen raw is raw in the purest form.  No pressure, heat, or drying, just frozen, unaltered ingredients.  Frozen raw is the more economically way to go if you are going to feed your pet a mostly or entirely raw diet. Frozen raw foods require a bit more time and effort, but at a lower cost it is a great way to give your pet more of the raw nutrition they crave.

To serve raw frozen foods just defrost in the refrigerator and serve.


You wouldn’t have salad without dressing, or toast without butter so why give your pet kibble without a topper?

Freeze Dried and Frozen Raw food are a great way to add  a boost of raw nutrition and much needed moisture to your cat’s diet.  Cat’s have a naturally low thirst drive, which means they don’t drink as much water as their body needs.  In the wild, they got most of their moisture from food.  By adding a little bit of rehydrated or defrosted raw food on top of your cat’s regular dry food you will help give them the moisture they need in their diet.

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Of course we carry a complete line of food and supplies for your feline companion! From beds and scratching posts to flea products, supplements, toys, and treats: Anything your cat needs (or wants!), you will find at Incredible Pets.

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